"The new outcome based standard for 21st century"

The Learning Unit © LERN, or International Learning Unit- ILU © LERN is an outcome based measurement of learning designed for lifelong learning activities.


There are a number of organizations that have asked LERN to develop an outcomes based alternative measure and standard to the time based Continuing Education Unit (CEU). The ILU was designed to provides an outcomes based alternative for programs.

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Criteria to Measure Online Learning

1. Time is no longer a valid measurement of learning, or work.

- Time was the primary measurement of learning and work in the 20th century.
- Think time-clocks, 8 hour work day, 12 years of schooling, and 1 hr. of seat time = 0.1 CEUs.
- Now, in work and in learning, outcomes and results matter.

2. Attendance does not equal learning.

* Sitting in a chair for an hour is no indication of learning.

- Some might not learn anything.
- Some might learn it all in 10 minutes.
- Some might require 2 hours to learn the same material.
- Some might already know it.

3. Time learning online cannot, and should not, be measured.

- For online learning and distance education, time spent learning online is virtually impossible to measure.
- Almost no one measures time spent learning online successfully.
- Equally importantly, time should not be measured online. Time spent online is not a valid measurement of learning online.

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